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Our 3D printer helps clients print samples of newly designed chef knives

Our 3D printer helps clients print samples of newly designed knives

Our three dimension printer helps clients printing samples of newly designed knives for easily & directly checking

the real grip feeling of specific size of the knife. Welcome custom chef knives & kitchen knives via Ruitai.


One-stop Service


We offer a wide array of kitchen tools which include kitchen knives, chef knives, bread knives, meat cleavers, utility knives, paring knives, cleaver knives, sushi knives, boning knives, deba knives, fish knives, cheese knives and so on. Our goal is to provide you the best quality products within production time.


Our automated manufacturing plants, professional staff, scale production, standardize management and strict quality control ensures that we meet your specific requirements. RUITAI is undoubtedly your reliable supplier and can provide one-stop service for your next project.

You can select any product from our catalogue and change it to your trademark.

Customers give the kitchen knife product design draft or sample, target price or similar product pictures, we will produce products according to your requirements.

We can give suggestions and some professional reference if you can show us your inspiration ideas or elements.

We can customized a product according to your specifications.


Step1: Planning

To communicate with you of your ideal products, as per market positioning and product characteristics: You can provide inspiration ideas, we will give you some professional reference suggestions and help you design your ideal products by combining your imagination and our practical suggestions.

Step2: Product Design


● Molds design

Our professional designer will draw a draft based on your requirements. Different shape knife with unique handle will be more popular as a new product launched into the market.


● Materials Selection

We do customized product, you just need to tell us where you’ll sell these products if you need testing report, we’ll suggest you with the right materials that conform to regulations if you need.


● Work-flow Design

Concerning production flow, every product's process is different just like there are many kinds of surface treatment. We have to list flow steps at your request. If you want to try something novel style which combine unique process with specific material, we also can make new try for you.


● Packaging Design

We have our own designer team to help you with designing the product packaging with professional suggestion including image-text design.


Step3: Sample Confirmation

We will arrange the sample order for you then making a test through our professional test instrument to achieve the client request. Samples are finally approved by customers, we will proceed the next step as soon as possible on your schedule.


Step4: First Cooperation

To cooperate with client on first order,when the sample is approved. Mass production will be arranged then. As well as the control of every step during production runs, we must will follow your business till finished and let you know the whole process situation.


Step5: Shipment

From the initial product design, samples confirmation, packaging design to the manufacturing and shipping, we have experienced staff to follow up your business. Whether you are a novice or a senior purchaser in this industry, we can follow your requirements from the initial concept to the final shipment. Please rest assured to believe us!

We are committed to Research & Development in order to give you products of highest quality. Our factory has passed BSCI and BV certification, and the product quality has passed the LFGB and FDA food testing certification.


At the same time, the company has established OEM & ODM , a one-stop service for many well-known brands here and abroad that is highly praised in the industry. Looking forward to meeting you!

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