1. Initial appearance
Finished welding look combining handle with blade.

2. The first step of polishing
Do a rough polish by using 150# abrasive belt. It works to rub away the welding vestigital on handle so that step to next process step.

3. The second step of polishing
Polishing it further carefully through using 180# abrasive belt. Make the whole handle part appears looks fine and smooth.


4. Other manufacturer products quality
The third step of polishing 180#---Other suppliers maybe done on this step, finished the handle polishing for saving cost. Some clients couldn't recognize and feel visually what the real high quality on handle is.


5. Our premium quality standard
The last step of polishing 240#---The one more polishing step, the more delicate on surface of handle, to have the best touching feeling grip directly. If you pursuit high level quality items, then you will feel the fine and smooth handle on ours and know what the best is.


We could not choose good product by visual but we can choose something best by trusting us!


Design and R&D Capability

Those are too many knives in similar style outside. We both want to have our own personalized design on products. We have 8 R&D personnel in our factory, focusing on designed from new product development to advanced equipment .

Automation Machine Equipment 

Scientific and technological equipment support production. We have patents for automatic welding machines invented by our own R&D team, combining with automatic machine and personnel to produce goods efficiently with high quality that greatly shorten production cost & time.

Product Certification

We strictly according to ISO 9001 quality system standard execution production. Our factory have pass BSCI,BV and products can pass the FDA and LFGB food testing certifications tested by SGS.

BV(2019 BUREAU VERITAS) BSCI LFGB-Stainless steel knife FDA Test Report CGZ3160919-03034-C CTT170513331EN FDA Test Report GM1825 MFC-Printer-2F_000180

Quality Assurance Products

RUITAI company has 18 years of production experience. We will control stable product quality by automatic equipment with more than 200 professional technicians to create a product that allows each consumer to get their own satisfaction.


Efficient Delivery Schedule

We have professional managers to arrange production and follow-up business, always paying attention to every detail in business and products, everything is in the customer's plan.


Cost-effective Solutions

Effective control of procurement costs and production due to the company's extensive procurement resources and management experience.

Professional Business Trade Consultant Team

Many traditional factories don't have excellent business and trade team, BUT WE DO. We will follow up from your customized products to the next order, and provide you with a series of product design, packaging design, customized production and ship the service until the goods are delivered to you with accuracy.

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