Participate in exhibitions and visit customers, and actively explore overseas markets.


1. Build a 10,000-square-meter factory our own, set up staff quarters, staff canteens, entertainment facilities, etc.

2. Obtained the BSIC/BV inspection certificate.


1. Established Yangjiang Yangdong Ruitai Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. to expand the foreign market and get more improvement.

2. Walmart visits our factory to communicate cooperation.


Registered Yangjiang Jinlei Technology Development Co., Ltd., developed a series of automatic welding production lines, and invested in factory production and sales, machinery, fixtures, molds, after-sales service, won the majority of peers and domestic and foreign recognition, and gaining a good reputation.


According to the national BSIC and ISO standard design, the factory is expanded to 15,000 square meters, participating in abroad exhibitions, and visiting customers to actively explore foreign markets to achieve good results.


Obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and Ruitai's various work links are further improved in strict accordance with the system to ensure product quality and improve the company's management awareness.

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