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2018 Ruitai Winter Wildlife Event

2018 Ruitai Winter Wildlife Event


In the cold winter, RUITAI company is going to balance the work and life, making our staff work happily, promoting exchanges between departments, deepening understanding, improving work efficiency and enhancing collective sense of honor. Create a harmonious and harmonious collective atmosphere. After the proposal of the colleagues and the company's decision, it was decided to hold a winter wild farm activity of "unity and mutual assistance, showing personal charm".

During the activity, everyone actively cooperated with the work to make it lively and interesting; it also had a strong sense of environmental protection, and spontaneously clear away the garbage in time after the event.
In this event, due to the concerted efforts of the leaders beforehand, the preparations were sufficient, so that the activities could be carried out smoothly and satisfactorily. During the event, everyone worked together and fully communicated, realizing the strength and happiness of the team.



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