Ceramic knife has a stainless steel cutlery incomparable advantage?-Yangjiang Yangdong Ruitai Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

by:Ruitai      2020-03-06
Ceramic cutting tool is a tool which emerged in recent years, although it appears late, but the use of ceramic cutting tools are not in a few, a lot of people use ceramic cutting tool instead of the home part of the stainless steel knife, ceramic knife with which the stainless steel cutlery incomparable advantage? 1, strong antimicrobial properties, suitable for families with infants. Infants and young children because the intestinal fragile, body resistance is poor, so when feeding, such as fruits, vegetables, meat to avoid exposure to bacteria, lest cause physical discomfort. Ceramic knife material unique to occupy, non-metallic performance characteristic of the effective resistance to bacterial growth, in the process of cutting feed protect baby food from pollution, is the best cooking tools for infants after weaning. 2, high resistance to wear, high sharpness. Precision with super hardness and wear resistance of ceramics. Ceramic knife has a sharp blade to cut the meat as thin as paper. According to comparison, material hardness, its hardness is second only to zircon. Its wear resistance is common a kitchen knife 60 times. 3, not changing, can lock the food nutrition. Our daily in the use of a metal knife cutting different materials, food prone to oxidation, chemical reaction happens between different food, even the easy changing. But the oxidation resistance of ceramic knife is extremely strong, its inherent material advantages, will not react with any food can keep the original flavor of food. That is about the advantages of ceramic cutting tools is introduced. A product has its advantages and disadvantages. High hardness of the ceramic knife also determines its toughness is small, very crisp, easy to collapse, missing Angle or rupture. Ceramic cutting tool is also used as a fruit knife more at present, there is not used to cut up some hard food, stainless steel kitchen knives still use a lot in our life.
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