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China Daily Merchandise Trade Fair-Shanghai

China Daily Merchandise Trade Fair-Shanghai


Nowadays Exhibitions are a common way to find potential customers. It's the best opportunity to develop new customers. It is undeniable that trade fair have to cost a lot of time before attending an exhibition. We have to prepare a lot of work, such as samples selection, poster design, brochure edit & design etc.


Ⅰ.Preparation before the exhibition


1.Preparation of exhibition sample


Before the sample screening, our company have already held several meeting and discussions.Which samples to choose to bring to the exhibition, everyone will list the samples they think those were worthy  to bring, and then select the most suitable, salable and representative products. And then arranging the sample production into the workshop. If the samples are ready, they will be shipped to the exhibition in advance.


2.Preparation of posters and brochures


When the samples were selected, our photo editor will take a photo of the selected samples to make a poster or a brochure. In the process of production, each of us participates in the planning and working on the case.

After that, we need to print these posters and brochures and bring them to the exhibition. A unique poster can attract the attention of visitors, let them come in our booth, and strive opportunities for more orders.


3.Send an email to invite new and old customers to visit our booth before exhibition


We invited customers who have quoted prices or placed order from us by e-mail. Some customers will tell you that he will be there. Some customers say that they will not come to the exhibition this time. Anyway, we were trying to meet with our customers to deepen our trust and relationship.


Ⅱ.Exhibition layout and sample placement


Exhibition layout and sample placement are also one of important factor in determining passenger flow. The design of the booth is very important, and it is related to whether it can attract foreign buyers to stop, walk into your booth, and conduct in-depth visits and consultations.

Therefore, from the style of the booth to the placement of the products, we have carefully prepared, such as the placement of the products, where the products are placed, which positions are more conspicuous, the angles of placement, the order of placement, and so on.


Ⅲ.Reception work at the exhibition


1.There may be more people at the exhibition site. In many cases, the information can't be done, so we need to take a notebook and record it as soon as possible. Write down the information that can be collected at the exhibition as much as possible. After the end of the day, the notes will be sorted out so that you can follow up after the show. At that time, we got a lot of customer's business cards at the exhibition, and we came back to show them our factory and products and follow up the customers.


2.In the exhibition, we also need to know more about our competitors. So as to understand the market situation and new products in the industry.


Ⅳ.Follow-up after Exhibition


After the exhibition, the customers should be promptly returned by email, quoted in time, categorized according to the attractiveness of customers and whether they can provide complete information, and the priority order of contacts should be determined.


The problems and points of attention encountered in the exhibition are also all-inclusive and different industries are not the same. We need to sum up and learn more each time we participate in the exhibition, so that we can find some useful and suitable ways for our company.


The display at that time had achieved good experience and orders. I hope our company will continue to make persistent efforts, participate in more exhibitions in the future, develop more opportunity for our future!

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