Does Ruitai Hardware have forwarder?
Yangjiang Yangdong Ruitai Hardware Products Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the manufacturing of copper cheese knives for years. We also have accumulated extensive partnership with logistics companies. They are fully tested by us in terms of delivery accuracy and fast turnover. Through working with them, we achieve a high on-time delivery rate to meet customers' requirements. As the early stage of our development, we did have a forwarder to help handle the clearance formalities as we were not familiar with the export business. But now, with years of experience, we can ensure a fast shipment without the help of forwarders.

Over years of development, Ruitai Hardware has gained experience in designing and manufacturing custom chef knives and has been a reliable China-based manufacturer. Ruitai Hardware provides a wide range of cutlery set for customers. The design of professional chef knives has something of significance for the further development of Ruitai . The weight of the handle has been increased to keep a reasonable balance. This product can replace people in a continuous, cumbersome, and risky work, and is therefore widely used in many industries. This product has the advantage of high scratch resistance.

We have taken on major commitments to sustainability. We pay close attention to the overall waste and resource footprint during our production.
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