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How to make a kitchen knife

How to make a kitchen knife


Ruitai Company, as a kitchen knife manufacturer with 18 years of production experience. We have a professional workshop to produce the products.

Do you know the process from ordering raw materials to finishing a kitchen knife? Let's have a look at the production process.

First, the blade part will be stamping according to the specification detailed, then put them into a heat treatment furnace to toughness of the blade. The next one, is handle polishing, to begin with, polishing the welding part then polishing the knife handle, and then regrinding and polishing with abrasive pulley. The kitchen knife will get dirty in the production process, we will put the knife into the ultrasonic automatic cleaning machine to ultrasonic cleaning and drying them. The next step is to inspect the defective products .If the product needs to be printed with logo, we have two printing methods: laser and electric etching. When all the production processes are completed, the packaging workshop is finally packed, and shipping.

If you want to know more details about the manufacturing kitchen knife, just consult us directly:


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