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by:Ruitai      2020-03-10
Most people would be more used in kitchen knives, considering how to kitchen knives of rust removal, and paid little attention to how to make the kitchen knives rust. Actually to kitchen knives rust removal is the best way to prevent kitchen knives rust, it also can reduce the rust removing some of the late damage from kitchen knives. How to prevent kitchen knives rust? 1, to prevent a kitchen knife rust, so we all need in after each use the kitchen knife after washing clean dry kitchen knife. Because the water vapor will make kitchen knife rust. 2, use a small amount of quick lime and adequate clean water, fill in a container immerse polished chopper, lime water use, after use, clean and can prevent rust. In addition, boiling water after each use, and can also be rust. 3, before after each use the knife, remove with clean water, and then with a piece of ginger, both sides of the kitchen knife carefully wipe again. This method can not only prevent rusty kitchen knife, also can sterilization. After 4, with a kitchen knife, you can put it in the pale salt water to immerse, slightly so that we can generate ferroferric oxide, kitchen knife surface with a layer of ferroferric oxide will not easy to rust. 5, if the kitchen for a long time need not, then you can apply a layer of oil in the surface of a kitchen knife, it can have the effect of the air, can have the antirust effect. That is about the kitchen knife rust after cleaning methods and how to prevent in daily life rusty kitchen knife method, hope that through the introduction of the above content, we can effectively protect the home kitchen knife from rusting, so also can better maintain the kitchen knives.
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