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by:Ruitai      2020-03-14
Partner of kitchen supplies, three meals a day. For often cook in the home, kitchen smell is relatively rare, but for people who do not often cook, the kitchen supplies for a long time do not, produce peculiar smell is very common things, before using, we need to clean the deal with peculiar smell, odor resistant to show you the kitchen, kitchen knives in addition to the small coup. 1, chopsticks, use after a period of time can have thought, can put a white vinegar, cook with chopsticks, place peculiar smell. 2, a kitchen knife cutting things smell will often adhesion on the kitchen knife, go down for a long time will produce taste, can use salt scrub with odors. Hold things will also adhere to smell 3, kitchen utensils and appliances, can be put on white vinegar in the water washing to remove odor, kitchen supplies, it is very important to put kitchen supplies and tidy, looks clean and tidy. Kitchen utensils put tip 1, washing bowl chopsticks dishes are on the shelf dedicated bowl chopsticks, best stay dry and ventilated, so as to avoid breeding ground for bacteria. 2, a spoon, a spatula, pan etc. Had better hang up, keep ventilated dry. Many modern family kitchen utensils and appliances are stainless steel, want to kitchen utensils and appliances such as new, daily need well for maintenance. Stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances maintenance of 1, new kitchen utensils to use hot water washing, afraid of the new new kitchenware factory will remain industrial oils and fats. 2, easy cooking pot to avoid delivery, pot black. 3, use the clean them in a timely manner, to avoid oil residue. Described above the kitchen items in addition to the peculiar smell of small coup, in addition to the peculiar smell, not only should pay attention to before use in the kitchen was idle, it is important to note, keep dry, reduce bacterial growth, also reduce the odor produced, need special attention is put kitchen knives, placed in a safe place.
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