Kitchen knives to cut it, how should first aid? -Yangjiang Yangdong Ruitai Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

by:Ruitai      2020-03-16
You can avoid kitchen knives to cut it? One hundred percent believe that even if the chef can't say no, because as long as with a knife, there will be possible. May be in a flash between god, hand cut into kitchen knives, kitchen knives cut when it should be how to do? Neff is tool recommend using these methods. After, one hand is cut, if a wound is deep, it is recommended that you immediately fell swab to wipe the wound with iodine disinfection or after water rinse, pressurized with sterile gauze bandage. You can also use similar to bondi bandages compression bandage. If only chafed skin, iodine volts swabs after disinfection, can need not dress, open directly. Comments: if the wound is not very big, general hemostatic stick is ok. If a wound is deep, to clean the wound, after compression bandage. Second, if the tool is clean, no rust or dirt that can sterilize the surrounding skin, and then with a bandage. Opinion suggestion: if there is bleeding, it needs to stop bleeding, and then thoroughly clean up the wound with sterile gauze bandage, recently don't get blisters, that will be infected. Three, sharps should be dealt with according to the length of the wound depth of cutting injury blood loss and do relevant processing situation such as the location of the wound, if only hurt skin wound is small and the loss of blood, not much, can choose the bandages for processing, if the wound is larger, the bleeding is more, please as soon as possible to the local hospital suture wound treatment. Opinion suggestion: knife cut it, don't immediately stick a band-aid, in fact this is not good for wound, be sure to rinse with cold water first. If a kitchen knife is blunt, must not impatient cut vegetables, sharpen knife to cut well in advance and don't worry, if rust might as well use fresh radish slices or potato chips dipped in a little sand to wipe the, also can be used to cut onion, this a few method can make full of stains or spots rust, if is the kitchen novice can buy a hand cutting mechanism prevention, accidentally cut by hand have to calculate the psychological shadow area, so hope the friends must be careful when cutting vegetables.
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