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See you next year-Ruitai company group building activities

See you next year-Ruitai company group building activities


This team building activity,  we choose to go to Yunfu Tianlu Mountain one day tour to enjoy the leisure time here.

At six we'll each have breakfast, get on the bus to Yunfu . we take 4hours to Tianlu Mountain in Yunfu .We are so tired but when we get off the bus , we feel very comfortable .The fresh air was accompanied by the smell of grass, which was exhilaratin.The fatigue of the journey vanished .We haven't felt the smell of nature in a long time.Everyone is busy with their work in usual, we are busy with our family after work and have little time to enjoy this relaxed and free life.The tour is absolutely worth it .

The first scenic spot is a frightening glass bridge, timid did not dare to walk through, some of our colleague are holding the armrest to past it, but also some warriors lead our team through the glass bridge.Through the glass bridge, we go to the thrilling drift .

A small team of two people, we slowly along with the current through the rugged mountains, and then through the rapid current running down, we scream all the way.It's definitely exciting.

The heart has not calmed the violent heartbeat sound, then we comes to the popular drawbridge on network, everybody enthusiastically walks up the drawbridge, swings the shaking small bridge, everybody plays happily.

Hand in hand, side by side, we play a thrilling rafting, scared glass bridge, and internet sensation bridge together. In addition to exciting team activities, there are also can enjoy the ancient city of Meixi original classical scenery. Compared to the modern bustling noisy city, walking in this ancient town you feel the peace of mind, away from the noise and  the pressure.This afternoon was short, but we had a great time.

After dinner and we are on the way home, the car was quiet .It is so quiet and even heard colleagues breathing, everyone’s tired to sleep, but everyone was very happy, everyone was filled with a happy smile . All of us of Ruitai family has left a warm and happy memory together here.

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