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The first time to travel to Thailand!

The first time to travel to Thailand!


During the exhibition in Thailand, our company organized a trip to Thailand at the same time, so that colleagues could know more about foreign culture and enrich themselves, so as to have a deeper understanding of foreign trade.

Thailand is the state of the parliamentary monarchy, so our first place is the Grand Palace.  The Grand Palace is one of many royal palaces in Thailand. It is the most perfect, largest and most national palace preserved in the past dynasties. It brings together the essence of Thai architecture, painting, sculpture and decoration art.

Thailand is a Buddhist country, close to the Grand Palace.  Thailand is the most famous Buddhist temple in Thailand, and it is also one of the three national treasures of Thailand - Wat Phra Keo,when you walk inside the temple , you will feel the strong Buddhist atmosphere, the hall carved Liang painting Dong, golden and brilliant, four walls painted Buddha into Buddha deeds. Everyone who comes here is sincere in praying.

Coming out of the Grand Palace, we took a boat tour of the Mekong River. Egretta looking for food can be found everywhere in the Mekong River .

And the thrilling crocodile performance.

There's a tour of the air parachute and stroll at the bottom of the sea.

There are also all kinds of fruit and food, hemophrodite performances, cobra performances.

Although this trip to Thailand is very tired,  we are very happy, we  have a better understanding of this country.We hope to have a chance to travel again.



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