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by:Ruitai      2020-03-14
Kitchen utensils in the kitchen play an important role in the life. As we all know, kitchen accessories variety is very rich, division of labor is also each are not identical. Kitchen tool rest is every family cannot lack of important equipment in the kitchen. So, the kitchen tool post what are the purposes? Today, small make up to introduce the kitchen tool post role and skills of choose and buy. The kitchen tool rest is what effect is there? Tool carrier, the kitchen used to bolster, consistent accumulation of various kinds of kitchen knives shelves, the effect is to let a person can find, readily available to it in ventilated place, can make its adhere to the dry cleaning, avoid bacterial breed. Tip 1 of choose and buy, wooden kitchen tool slide rest should choose insect resistant bacteria. 2, because the tool touch wet food for a long time, easy to breed bacteria, so the tool post shall guarantee the dry cleaning, placed in ventilated place. 3, stainless steel tool post usual unpick and wash, dry in the sun before use. 4, wooden tool rest best selection can insect-resistant bacteria resistant materials, usually used by anticorrosive insect-resistant processing of wood products. 5, choose waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall is also a good idea. Tool used up directly on waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall on the shelf, after cleaning tool post it again after natural drying, such as income, do not use brush bowl after towel or cloth wipe away, because the kitchen environment moist, it is difficult to guarantee cloth is very clean. Cutting tool buttons on waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall rack to drain water automatically, and can adhere to the excellent ventilation.
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