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by:Ruitai      2020-03-18
Kitchen knife handle material to choose general kitchen knife handle or log in PF texture, PF chemical corrosion resistance is stronger, more economic, the feel is very light. Log on the vision more elegant atmosphere, will have a heavier grip, feel for weight sensitivity strong users choose log handle better feel the details of the feeling when cutting. Don't default to weight of kitchen knife must be high quality, the weight of the texture which can be used, but another habit can't change the design of congenital weakness. If use that has no effect is mild, if is the cut volume and long time don't adapt to the weight and quality will make users feel very hard. Tips: what is the meaning of the PF phenolic foam material products, PF) Is a kind of flame retardant insulation material, it has the advantages of polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, polyurethane foam plastics outside; Also have without freon, good corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, wide temperature scope ( - - - - - - 60~150℃) Strong, waterproof and aging resistance; Construction is convenient, beautiful, especially with excellent fire performance show, for it provides broad application space. Grip the optimization of feeling experience in addition to the material on the optimization, design optimization is also important. Kitchen knife handle of the shape and surface roughness, is not easy to slip from the hands of the rules, and accord with human body engineering, it also need to consider the weight of the handle and the balance of the knife, to optimize the grip. The balance of the knife to meet your handle, a match a hand kitchen knife can let you in a lot of things is not so easy to fatigue. A lot of people in the use of good kitchen knife didn't feel obvious feel differences, mostly because of unscientific grip cutting technique. The correct cutting way is left by the steady raw materials, the right hand. , cutting knife hanging down, neither to extrapolate, nor to the lira and a knife knife cut straight down. Tips: grip is the feeling of the subjective concept kitchen knife when the choose and buy, be sure to understand what is the feeling of holding a subjective concept, essential product instructions optimized grip is the feeling of relative to the human body engineering design of the kitchen knife. Even in accordance with human body engineering design, the size of the hand, feel the strength of the grip habits and so on need to be in the case of normal cutting down slowly feeling, can quickly find good cutting condition.
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