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by:Ruitai      2020-03-13
Cook in the kitchen, you should do all kinds of food, which means there's no cutting tools. With a knife, you can open the bones, cut the meat into pieces, and cut the vegetables into the appropriate cooking specifications. The ease of use of kitchenware also determines the cooking time and efficiency, also directly affect the mood of the housewife. In order to find a good, long-term use of kitchen knives, most people will be looking for professional brand kitchen knife. So which brand is better? At present, a lot of tool brands. ZWILLING ZWILLING, the company was founded in 1731, in Germany has household and professional tools, professional brand high-grade kitchen appliances/nails and scissors manufacturers, Shanghai double the henkes co. , LTD. , global reputation. 18, in 1983, is famous for its well-known trademark and high and new technology enterprise. It is made of manual production of carbon steel kitchen knife. Now a comprehensive tool manufacture enterprise, 18 group co. , LTD. SUPOR SUPOR, founded in 1994, is a famous trademark of zhejiang province, the domestic kitchen utensils and appliances/kitchenware industry leading enterprises, research and development of large kitchen utensils and appliances factory, zhejiang Su Bo co. , LTD. Neff, yangjiang Yang east tai metal products co. , LTD, neff name from 'Knife', as well as durable as the artistic conception creation brand. Began in 2002, registered in 2012. Since its creation, neff series knives and kitchen utensils and appliances product because of the style design is novel, beautiful, practical, durable, such as product features, be able to sell well all over the country, currently has a number of cutting tool design patent, become the focus of consumers consistent after rods. Zhang Xiaoquan, began in 1663, is China's old, is China's traditional handicraft industry brand, non-material cultural heritage, the nation's leading scissors production Zhang Xiaoquan group co. , LTD. WIKO light, was founded in 1956, the Chinese well-known trademark, guangdong famous brand product, ten tool brand, guangdong forever laser scalpel scissors group co. , LTD. Silver eagle, was founded in 1979, the famous trademarks of guangdong province, specializing in the production of scissors/set of knives, kitchen utensils and appliances/multi-purpose pliers and other products of high-tech enterprises, the guangdong silver eagle ASD love foster industrial group co. , LTD, founded in 1978, is a famous brand, high-tech enterprises in zhejiang province, titanium/pressure cooker industry standard drafting unit, zhejiang Elshida electric appliance co. , LTD. KYOCERA KYOCERA, is a company specializing in the production of Japan/sales office equipment/electronic components and tool of large multinational companies.
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