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by:Ruitai      2020-03-06
Ceramic knife both abroad also entered the domestic public kitchen, after a lot of people think that the use of ceramic knife feels extremely strong, special and comfortable, but also has a lot of people waiting to see, don't know which is more useful, ceramic and stainless steel knife ceramic knife is really able to replace stainless steel knife, the market also because of ceramic knives and ceramic knife products, the emergence of more but really good ceramic knife? Today we have to say, what's the difference between ceramic and stainless steel knife. Who is more sharp ceramic and stainless steel knife? Material ceramic knife is made one called 'zirconium oxide nanometer material processing and become, with super sharp itself, its sharpness is in stainless steel knife more than ten times, can rapid removal is very thin and neat flake foods, stainless steel knife is on this point. Ceramic and stainless steel knife to sharpen it? The material of ceramic knife is inherently possess many advantages of stainless steel knife, its hardness is second only to diamonds, so the abrasion resistance is stronger, even if used for a long time also is like new, no knife, and stainless steel knife blade in use after a period of time will be more and more dull, so must be timed to burnish, is not only time-consuming and laborious. More antibacterial ceramic and stainless steel knife who? Ceramic knife material gives its antibacterial effect, its blade after 1700 high temperature sintering can be fully dense, no gap, also do not need to worry about bacterial growth, can quickly clean and antibacterial ability is very strong, and the material of stainless steel knife there will be many on the surface of wool stoma juice store food, in order to breed bacteria, so the antibacterial ability is not strong. The ceramic knife and stainless steel DaoHui changing? All have a feeling that after the stainless steel knife in the treatment of food, food is a kind of peculiar smell, the taste is the taste, brought by the iron ion is most obvious when cut fruit, while ceramic knife will not appear this kind of situation, its material strong chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, with foods such as meat, seafood, no reaction, treatment can take away the stain ingredient after water wash gently. Ceramic and stainless steel knife handle food oxidation phenomenon will come? When using stainless steel knife handle fruit will react with the fruit, resulting in the phenomenon of oxidation and the phenomenon is most prominent in the apple, this will not only affect the taste will take fruit nutrition, and ceramic knife won't react with fruit, also can keep food's original nutrition. Ceramic and stainless steel knife which look better? Ceramic knife level has been in the cutting tool industry's highest in appearance, it is more light, even for a long time to fit also won't feel tired, and more skilled in dealing with small food. Which is more hard ceramic and stainless steel knife? The material of ceramic knife does not allow it to remove hard foods, such as bones and other large pieces of food, can lead to a knife surface rupture, and stainless steel knife is fearless, each have each benefits, on the tools so we can use the ceramic knife handle boneless ingredients and stainless steel knife handle food with bones, so just have their use. Ceramic knife products on the market share is more and more high, many large and small ceramic knife, so we when the choice must polish eyes, choose good brand product, can use more at ease, and from Japan in one hundred by the quality department is the one in the highlight in the ceramic knife. Passed by, has been committed to Japanese delicate way of life for consumers, it through one hundred to precipitate out of the life style of independent brands, is a combination of pure natural handmade pure and modern science and technology, will make everything smooth and beautiful, every piece of blade surface by the ceramic knives is by hand, will smooth the radian of joint human body engineering, the perfect interpretation of life aesthetics.
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