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by:Ruitai      2020-03-21
Since the ancient times, the kitchen and a woman has the close relation. Although most of chefs are men, but most housewives are women. The kitchen, earthly happiness to the woman, there is a fire TiaoDang, flow with the energy and love. In many people's eyes, kitchen knife just can cut the meat cut vegetables, as for the hardness, sharpness durability within the scope of these is not considered. Even most family day and night in the kitchen, besides worry about women, family the attention of other members of the little kitchen. So the importance of kitchen knives for cooking almost be ignored in our daily life. But in recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living level and aesthetic level, good-looking and easy kitchen knife, sought after by more and more people, it is beautiful and practical effect is better than hundreds of years the same kitchen knife is too much. To introduce a set of (by mina below Eight times) Kitchen knives for women, women could use it for the other half of the beloved, prepare delicious food! A: wow! Wipe off saliva, together with mina to look at the name of each tool and useful! Thickening blade, cut treatment effect similar to axe chopped applies to cut down a fishbone hard foods such as chickens and ducks. Sharp blade slicing knife blade thick, moderate, is suitable for cutting cutting soft food such as meat, sliced shred control easily, does not apply to chop chop chop bone, etc. Multi-purpose knife light blades suitable for women to use, suitable for all kinds of cooked food, vegetable, melon and fruit, ripe separate, more health. Small fruit knife blade, effectively reduce food juices flowed applies to cut fruit, peeled, dig a hole and so on. Shear shear functional kitchen shears, daily food, scraping scales is not a problem, more can clip open JiuPingGai walnuts. Fruit peeler, scraping skin, carrots and other purposes. Knife bar generous comfortable handle design, the cutting ring design, effectively prevent wrong operation bring you harm, high hardness, corrosion resistance, strong and durable. Acrylic knife unique hollow structure design, easy to evaporate the water damage on the knives, to prevent knives rust inside the tool rest and mold, easy to clean, and the style of the new concept. The kitchen is warm, the warm light are mostly women. A spoon to shovel, concentrate on dealing with women of turnip greens, filled with maternal women's charm. Under her nimble fingers, delicious gourmet exult in the soup pot; Jumping in the frying pan; Words like scattered got behind the poetry, messy pigments spell became a draw, is not as inferior as the artistic creation. Ok, small make up mina said donate, to start our gourmet tour! I don't know what to buy kitchen knife? Follow me to!
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