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by:Ruitai      2020-03-15
Although say 'informal' also can reflect a person's bold, but 'detail decides success or failure', some details may seem small, but depends on a lot of things in our life. People can't afford not to eat, life events, such as kitchen tools about dining, sharp knife is also very important, the most effective tools for kitchen knife put is also very important, it's about the health of the family and finances, as well as the importance of family harmony, has exquisite kitchen knives, don't let don't pay attention to destroy you! The first point: first tool is the most lethal tool, in fengshui is very has the ShaQi, if just put on our family member's fortunes have great influence, and the kitchen itself is the fire place, both the opposition could easily lead to struggle between family members, will also have an effect in the work, in aeriform in also may exist in competition. Generally we'd better to put a special cutting tool box in the kitchen, after using the tools I put it in a fixed tool box, normally our knives are on the chopping board, then it is better to cover a cloth cutting tool, the aim is blocking the ShaQi coming from the cutting tool. The second point: about the location of hearth first hearth attribute is a fire in fengshui, and the location of hearth is most suitable for is in the east or south, the two bearing is the most consistent orientation, and fire will make our whole family fortunes thriving, life more thriving, in the invisible will also help in our finances. And the west in fengshui represents gold, fire between phase grams of gold, while northern represent water, fire and water, so the two position is very inappropriate. The third point: the colour collocation of the kitchen itself is belong to very the fire place, so that when we were in decorating the kitchen colour is absolutely not can choose the color of the bright red rhubarb, these color can let the fire in the kitchen fire, can let a person spirit more tight, it is easy to cause a variety of health problems. In fact, the kitchen can choose relatively the color that cool color moves to decorate, changes in temperature, more appropriate. May be a lot of people don't pay attention to these small things in the kitchen, but on the macro perspective, for the sake of our health and wealth and the family of peace, you must be pay attention to is put kitchen knives, don't let casual little habits, ruin your life!
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