How to choose according to price kitchen knives? - Yangjiang Yangdong Ruitai Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

by:Ruitai      2020-03-10
A lot of people when the choose and buy something, the first consideration is the price of the budget, only the goods within this price range. And you always want to buy the cheaper goods, kitchen knives, the choose and buy of Thebes small make up today will teach you how to choose kitchen knives according to price. Is lower than 50 yuan, I recommend the carbon steel knife, in addition to rust, cutting things still work well. The price of stainless steel and is it easy to get the pit dad goods. The material of carbon steel knife, generally no marked out, the shopkeeper is only manual forging, the traditional process, with 65 mn steel, is the spring steel plate steel, the concept of many shopkeeper hit steel rounds, do shell steel manganese steel, it's not a good one, also is a few dollars a kilo of material. 50 - 180 the price of, is all kinds of stainless steel knife. If you don't study all kinds of steel, it is good to remember that a price points a points goods. More than 180 for family use even high-grade goods, with steel inlaid V gold series, cryogenic treatment of cold forging, variety is very much, much more. Have silver friend look at the situation to buy, anyway as long as it is big brand can meet your needs. More high-grade goods is for professionals, if the family to use, no need. Are the requirements for Chinese chef knife every day, even if somebody else is the best knife in hand, also wear every day, this is professional and family use a knife with a knife is not the same as the concept of sharp. 5000 piece knife in the hands of ordinary people, therefore, for the most part can only take 150 pieces of utility and occasionally even turn taps a garlic, why? Kitchen knives to choose suitable good, need not too much price, because in the hands of many people, the price can not reflect his price.
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