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How to choose the right kitchen knife(5) FOR FAMOUS BRAND OF KITCHEN KNIFE

How to choose the right kitchen knife(5) FOR FAMOUS BRAND OF KITCHEN KNIFE


Since kitchen knives will be an investment that is used daily for all your cooking days, selecting good quality ones that have durability, strength, good handling, and endurance is a must. If you go shopping for a knife you will numerous knife models on the market, the one of  way to get a ideal product is by considering the brand and nothing else, top brands use best quality material and provides top specifications on their product. In this part, you will understand that when you buy high-quality kitchen knives, the brand is also a need to consider.

Top Kitchen Knife Brands

1.Utopia Kitchen
Utopia Kitchen company, manufacturing knife, bakeware, and cookware, that was founded in the year 1995. Utopia Kitchen products come with visible superiority of top-class workmanship.The brand in its long career has proven their skills by manufacturing some of the world’s finest kitchen knives and cookware that come with a design and quality that stands second to none. Apart from knives, the brand also manufactures and markets products like skillets, cookware, pots, pans etc. all around the world.

2.Ruitai Kitchen Knife
RUITAI company was established in 2004 and located in famous "knife city" -Yangjiang, China,  with over 20 years experience in kitchen knife industry. The factory base covers an area of more than 15,000 square meters, besides, the RUITAI company combines technology with patent advanced automatic machine and mass production, and it largely shorten the production time based on the stable good quality. RUITAI provides kitchen knife one stop service. They all believe that "the sharpness of the knife is the life of itself".

3. Farberware
Farberware is an American company that was founded in New York 118 years ago. The company was founded for serving the people with better quality cookware and kitchen tools and specializes in manufacturing kitchen related appliances too. In the year 1997 the company was acquired by the Meyer Corporation but, still maintains the brand name and the reputation as a leading manufacturer of cookware. The Farberware cookware products are sold through major retailers and Walmart.

Knives are made of different material and come with different specification, however, like appliances cookwares it is impossible to judge the product just by its exterior looks, this why we recommend you to seek the knives from a top brand.

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