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How to choose the right kitchen knife (4)FOR MAINTENANCE

How to choose the right kitchen knife (4)FOR MAINTENANCE


An important factor to consider in kitchen knife choose is maintenance. Some knives are more prone to rusting or corrosion than others, so if you are not a person who often cleans and dries items by hand, then the following tips should be noted.

Maintain your knives in good, sharp condition.
For a good quality set, also invest in a honing steel or knife sharpener. A diamond steel can cost a lot more, but will give a very fine edge. People often sharpen the middle of the blade on a steel, which also often happens most when you sharpen it with high speed . Take it slowly and evenly the whole length of the blade, so it wears and sharpens evenly.

maintenance and repair

Do not use the knife on stone, glass, steel or ceramic cutting boards or surfaces; this can damage the knife and put fine chips in your food as well as being more likely to slip and cause an injury.

Good knives are an investment and should be treated with care.If you want to buy a good knives,maintenance and repair are essential.Test your knife with a piece of paper if you’re wondering whether you should sharpen them. You should test your knives for sharpness three or four times a year.

On the other hand, for high-end knives such as multi-layer Damascus steel knives, we recommend using a cowhide layer to sharpen knife, which will not damage the blade surface and will provide you with sharper edges and further protection. For more details please just contact us directly via email: We're happy to help you!

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