Kitchen knife rusted? Some came in to tell you what to do -Yangjiang Yangdong Ruitai Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

by:Ruitai      2020-03-18
Iron products, no matter what we are most worried about a problem is rust. Like a kitchen knife in the kitchen, we in the process of using a kitchen knife and food is a good contact, therefore, chopper is prone to rust problem, so rusty kitchen knife? How to prevent the kitchen knife rust. Remove 1, with the water that clean out rice kitchen knife rust: put the rusty kitchen knife in the water that clean out rice soak for an hour and then remove with a cloth rub-up. If you don't may continue to immerse completely derusting, until all removed. 2, remove with onion chopper rust: the chopped onion slice, directly in the kitchen knife rust on the friction, the strength should be large, can wipe off the rust. 3, with potatoes or turnips scrub: with a cut potato chips or radish slices, stick on the sand and water, direct friction on the rust, can remove the rust. 4, with a cork, household cleanser removes a kitchen knife rust: sprinkle some household cleanser on kitchen knife, and then push the cork to wet, wipe with the cork back and forth on the kitchen knife, can wipe off the rust, the effect is very good. The cork with red JiuPingGai or thermos bottle lid can be. 5, swab with tomatoes: will cut tomatoes or tomato juice 100% scrub rust, can quickly go to rust. 6, available feed vinegar to swab again, then wash with warm water, can get rid of, because the vinegar of acetic acid to neutralize ferric oxide on the surface of the chopper, which have the effect of cleaning. 7, with suitable amount of salt, add a few water, wash brush can also play the role of rust removing rust.
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