Kitchen knives so much, how should we choose? -Yangjiang Yangdong Ruitai Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

by:Ruitai      2020-03-15
'Saying' claims, eating is one of the most important thing in life. Kitchen chopper families cook will use every day, not a sharp to use durable cutting tools are not enough. How to choose suits own kitchen knives? Today small make up take you to understand from the material of cutting tool and the blade's edge to distinguish choose appropriate to use a kitchen knife in the kitchen. First: the tool steel to distinguish tool steel is good, quite simply, you can take your fingers lightly play the kitchen knife blade, listen to the voice. Good kitchen knife steel ringing on the ear, sound durable, very good to listen, instead make bad steel cutter knocked up dead sound like a brick, on the ring, the use of this steel cutting tool materials are generally poor, to claim the knife has some resolution way in ancient times. Second: look at the blade edge and feel good sharp blade cutting tool leveling the ground the bright, do not show up in your hands to start light or heavy knife of the cutting tools with light feeling, such as mechanics using the design must be very stable, when the cutting tool use so won't appear the phenomenon such as easy to lay particular stress on the float. Currently on the market use kitchen chopper mainly stainless steel knife and traditional old kitchen knife, if not very pay attention to appearance can use manual forging a kitchen knife, appearance seems insignificant above is coarser, but it is quite sharp, durable, really is much more practical than stainless steel, but from the rust on the one hand, the stainless steel kitchen knife is more widely used. Nice kitchen knives are made of good material. Good dao handle and toughness are different. Kitchen knives are more, but learn to the above two methods of choice, choose kitchen knives is no longer difficult. Neff focus on customization of tools, appearance and practical embodiment of level.
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