Maintenance to use longer kitchen knives? - Yangjiang Yangdong Ruitai Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

by:Ruitai      2020-03-15
Kitchen knives are usually used to physical food processing tools, every delicious dishes are inseparable from the cutting tool use. Want to prolong the service life of cutting tools, it is necessary to maintain the is very necessary. In order to better use and maintenance of kitchen knives, do you know the kitchen knives should be what kind of service? One, the necessity of kitchen knives maintenance with the improvement of living standards, more and more people pay attention to diet nutrition and health, and the kitchen knife plays a very important position in the kitchen. Everyday we use kitchen knife handle a variety of ingredients, so inevitable tool to be exposed to all kinds of stain, stain, long unavoidably will rust, affect the normal use of the cutting tool. What is more important tool to contact food, if not good cleaning and maintenance, may grow bacteria, affect the body health. In order to create a healthy, safe household environment, maintain a good dao used performance, we should pay attention to every day cleaning and maintenance tool. Second, the matters needing attention in the process of using in kitchen knives in use process, there are some matters needing attention in the process of use should be avoided. When used in kitchen knives, for example, do not contact with heat source as far as possible. So you can't put the tool directly on the kitchen burning gas stove. However, daily use of stainless steel cutlery does not guarantee that never rust. So in after using, should immediately to knife surface cleaning, and the dry water stains, placed in ventilation dry place away from the water and gas. Three, how the kitchen knives rust no matter what type of kitchen knives, after use, should be cleaned, and use clean cloth to scrub, put in dry place. Some families in carbon steel knife for antirust processing, be used for cooking rice swill of soaked for a period of time. Use food security and health. In addition, when cutting tool not for a long time, once again, when using, should be in its surface coating a layer of butter, ensure its sharpness. Four cleaning on kitchen knives, kitchen knives when cleaning, can use disinfectant soaking water dilution, to grasp the degree of dilution, otherwise it will cause the damage of metal cutting tools. In general, kitchen knives when cleaning it is advisable to soak time of half an hour, but must pay attention to is that after soaking, the residue of once again you wash, and should be washing a few times more, in order to ensure its clarity. Of course, if the tool itself have some oily be soiled, can be appropriately increase the immersion time, but time should not be too long.
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