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RUITAI 19th Anniversary Celebration

RUITAI 19th Anniversary Celebration


Spring was coming back, as usual. I wish you all the best in New year. RUITAI rewards family members who have worked hard for a year and prepare a sumptuous New Year's banquet.However, before the dinner, let's enjoy the wonderful show.

Open the prelude in January 20, 2022 15:00. Year after year, fortunately to be with you. May all regrets in 2021 be the foreshadowing of surprises in 2022.

Mr. Feng's speech

Bathe the dawn of the new year, full of joy of victory. We are about to bid farewell to a fruitful 2021, greet to a promising 2022. In the new year, I wish you all the best!


Thank you colleagues for giving us a wonderful performance.Feel the vitality of youth to live up to every love. Boring repetition can exchange for a momentary bloom. Long live youth, our footsteps are always young! Colleagues from the Ministry of Industry and Trade brought us the song "Bless You". Wish you all a prosperous year of the tiger and a happy tiger. 


Colleagues at the scene actively participated in the game. The winner can win our super deluxe gift. Of course, it is also encouraged to focus on participation. Participants can also receive a small gift.


The exciting time has come! The lucky ones come to claim their grand prizes. We solemnly invite our Mr. Feng, Miss. Huang and Mr. Deng to present them with awards. Don't be sad for the family members who didn't winning the lottery. Because each of us gets a prize, we can get a gift with the raffle ticket in hand.

A year of hard work is responsible for one's own life and the realization of self-worth.The end of 2021 has come,  we are facing a new year. Let's keep our love and go to the next mountain and sea

The ideal life requires a little love and dreams. In the new year, we will work harder and innovate performance.

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