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We come back to work!

We come back to work!



Construction starts on the eighth day of the first lunar month, and the road to wealth is wide open.

Good luck to open the door.

The road ahead is mighty, and everything can be waited in hope.

Do not forget the original intention, continue to be glorious.

Awaken lion

New Year's greetings at Dancing lion.

Spread good luck to every corner.

Bussiness with might redoubled.

Happy and triumphant, everything is as expected.

Empty the laziness of the holiday.

Everything is about "money".

Earn to "thick".

Year after year, year go year, year richer year.


Auspicious mighty lion welcome the Chinese New Year.

Yangjiang Ruitai company sends auspicious.

Receive wealth and good fortune, make a lot of money, start construction, everything goes well.

Boss was given red envelopes

Thanks Mr. Feng for giving us red envelopes

Officially start working mode

Continue to move bricks and make money for the next time you watch the world

2022, struggle! struggle! we will start again!

Group photo

Every year is successful, every year is always happy.

Welcome to the new year.

I wish everyone good luck in starting work and a prosperous year of the tiger.

In the new year, we are still dream catchers.

The new year is better than the old year, and the future is better than the past.

Hope you and I are of the same heart go hand in hand.

Welcome to a more exciting year together.

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