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Rwanda Ambassador sell goods in Live room :Africa to build more boxes of Gashora village

Rwanda Ambassador sell goods in Live room :Africa to build more boxes of Gashora village


Ambassador of Rwanda to China James. Kimo Nio came to taobao li jing live room, for rwanda  Gashora village gashora village chili sauce sales.

In the live broadcast,Li Jing uses the Gashora village chili sauce scrambled eggs to invite everybody to taste .James. Jimo?o was hot by the motherland's chili sauce, he can not help drinking water.The ambassador told Chinese netizens that he was pleased that the country's chili peppers were recognized by Chinese consumers . He also often to buy the same chili.Rwanda produces Havana peppers with a unique spicy flavor.Based on the framework of the world electronic trading platform initiated by alibaba in 2019, box horse introduced havana chili into the country, developed high-end chili sauce "volcanic hunter ", from the market before the spring festival has been deeply loved by customers.

In the live broadcast, Ambassador Kimono expressed appreciation to the Governments of the two countries for their good cooperation in the field of electronic commerce and expressed appreciation to the Alibaba Group for choosing Rwanda as the first country in Africa to co-build world electronic trade.Rwanda cherishes its partnership with Boxma, which helps Rwandan farmers export Rwanda's finest chilli to China. At the same time, Rwanda also looks forward to continuing to deepen cooperation with the box horse to buil more Gashora villages.

Gashora village is according to the order for box horse agricultural production of the village, is the Alibaba digital agricultural base representative. Several months of new-crowned outbreaks, combined with flooding in May, have made social recovery difficult in Rwanda. After the outbreak, box horse to gashora village additional 3 times, a total of 60 tons of orders.

As a result, Gashora village became Rwanda's first village to resume work

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