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Kitchen Knives: Chinese Introversion VS Western Extroversion

Kitchen Knives: Chinese Introversion VS Western Extroversion


Kitchen knives are essential to a family, don't underestimate this small tool, they not only reflect the differences between Chinese and Western eating habits, but also project different cultural connotations.

The westerners think the knife tip is more convenient to use, while the Chinese think the knife is a kind of lethal thing after all.Introversion is a major theme of Chinese knife.

The cleaver knife , chopper knife near the square, and the other Chinese knife, the back of the knife arc down at the end of the knife, the tip of the knife almost keep the same plane as the blade.The tip of the western knife is opposite, the tip and the back of the knife are almost on the same horizontal plane, the blade is curved upward at the end, and the tip of the knife is directly outward.On the whole, the western-style knife is lighter than the Chinese-style knife, the function of the special knife, developed a series of different functions of the knife.Chinese kitchen knife, is by the weight of the knife, cut from top to bottom. Western style knife is lighter, cutting method is the tip of the knife almost do not leave the desk board, just lift the back part of the knife.

The clear distinction between Chinese and Western knives does not mean that Chinese-made and foreign brands are very different. The minds of skillful craftsmen in cutting tools give them a different personality, cutting tools are no longer just a replica of industry, but poured emotional art.

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