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by:Ruitai      2020-03-07
If you have been to xiamen or golden gate is tourism, so it is possible to hear in kinmen local sanbao, respectively is kaoliang liquor, kitchen knife, and gong sugar. The triple gem, chopper is local special value, when their daughter to get married, often with a kitchen knife, as a dowry. You don't want to dismiss the kitchen knife, it's made of when bombarded kinmen artillery to, so in kinmen became tourist area, many tourists come here after, all want to buy on a kitchen knife as a souvenir. So what is shelling golden gate event? If readers still have some unclear, small make up to introduce to everyone. Between 1958 and 1979, the Chinese people's liberation army (PLA) use grenades and guns xuan shelling of the golden gate; 20 years more than 1 million shells landed on the golden gate. Shelling the early use of explosive grenade; Use the won't blast gun xuan play later, the two bombs is the main material of kinmen chopper. After the firefight, gold alloy steel knife shopkeeper applicants' searching is for the island's discarded shells, be used for forging tool. Due to the steel shell, high quality with the forging of the chopper is particularly sharp, durable, just in the toughening properties, even cutting hard out of shape not easily also, the golden gate chopper in Taiwan, the island is famous far and near. To prevent fake pretend to be, knife factory pioneered open the scene specified shell knives. Curious: speaking of which, there may be some readers only shells hit out warhead, shells or stay in the mainland, the local people is how to use shell manufacturing kitchen knife? Actually at the time of shelling, failure is inevitable there will be some shots, and then turned into a dud, so these dud produced by locals became a kitchen knife, and, of course, it's just part of the shell chopper sources of raw materials. Locals do kitchen knife shells mainly from between the sixties and seventies of the last century, the PLA played countless propaganda shell. These promote the shell used to launch the leaflets and ontology will not explode, therefore under 17 years of artillery, in kinmen artillery is countless, and a shell for SiWuShiJin around, at least can play 40 kitchen knife. So from that point of view, the local people make a kitchen knife is not a lack of raw materials. In addition, these made of shells chopper, the quality is also very good, is not only very sharp, but also very wear-resisting. Local store sell kitchen knife, kitchen knife shop owner often show visitors with a kitchen knife to cut steel pipe on the spot, and after cutting, kitchen knife edge will not, still so sharp. From here you can see, made of shells kitchen knife quality is very good. Before making shells, of course, technology is not as advanced on mid century, for example in the qing dynasty, who made shells while the hardness is very high, but also very fragile, quality of a material with now pig iron. If use it to create a kitchen knife, sure the quality is poor. By then, at the time of manufacture shells, people joined the graphite into it, make steel more resilient, so at this time the quality of the shell to become more good, and made the kitchen with the shells and became today's golden gate chopper
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