Advantages of zirconia ceramic knives


With the development of society, people's living standards are constantly improving, and people's requirements for daily necessities are also constantly improving. Products with good quality are gradually loved and purchased by people. In terms of knives, ceramic knives are a kind of knives, which are loved and purchased by consumers. Although ceramic knives have better advantages than steel knives, they have gradually become one of the main knives used by people. The following is a brief introduction to all kinds of information about zirconia ceramic knives, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

Zirconia ceramic knife

Most of the ceramic knives currently on the market are processed with a nano-material "zirconia". Zirconia + alumina powder is pressed into a knife blank with a 300-ton heavy press and a mold, sintered at 2000 degrees Celsius, and then polished with diamonds and fitted with a handle to make a finished ceramic knife. The ceramic blade is a new type of blade made of high-tech nanotechnology. The sharpness is more than ten times that of the steel knife. Therefore, the ceramic knife has the characteristics of high hardness, high density, high temperature resistance, anti-magnetization, and anti-oxidation.

Ceramic knives are developed using precision ceramics under high pressure, so they are called ceramic knives. Ceramic knives are known as "noble knives". As a product of modern high technology, they have advantages that traditional metal knives cannot match; high-tech nano-zirconia is used as raw material, so ceramic knives are also called "zirconium gem knives". It can be seen.



Zirconia ceramic knives are wear-resistant, high-density, high-hardness, non-porous, will not hide dirt, non-metal casting will not rust, cut food without metal residue, thin and sharp, easy to hold and cut, easy to clean And other advantages, it has many characteristics that metal knives cannot replace.

The Mohs hardness of zirconia ceramic knives is 9, second only to the hardest substance in the world-diamond (Mohs hardness is 10), so as long as it does not fall to the ground, does not use external impact, and does not chop or cut, Under normal use, there is never any need to sharpen the knife. Based on security considerations, manufacturers generally mix metal powder into the knife body so that metal detectors can detect ceramic knives.

However, zirconia ceramic knives are not suitable for cooking foods that need to be chopped or chopped. Therefore, except for hard ingredients such as bones, thick fish bones, and frozen meat, ceramic knives are not suitable for cooking with ceramic knives. Others such as vegetables, fruit pulp, sashimi,

Non-hard foods such as bamboo shoots (without the shell), meat, seafood, and shellfish without the shell can be used.

Knives made of traditional metal casting have countless capillary pores on the surface, so when cooking food, they will There is soup remaining in the capillary pores, and metal knives will have trace amounts of metal elements when cooking ingredients, forming peculiar smell or metallic taste; while the density of zirconia ceramic knives is quite high, so the surface has no capillary pores and is made of ceramic material. No odor or metallic taste.

In addition, the hardness of zirconia ceramic knives is very high, and the manufacturing process has been greatly improved. Zirconia ceramic knives can withstand certain impacts, but extra care must be taken when using them to prevent the sharp and thin blades from cracking. The sharpness of ceramic knives is also more than ten times that of steel knives. It is very sharp. Be careful when using it and keep it away from children.

To sum up, zirconia ceramic knives have various characteristics such as wear resistance, high hardness, and high density. They are ten times sharper than ordinary steel knives. They are called "noble knives" and are a symbol of elegance and luxury. likes and purchases. Everyone should fully understand the various information of zirconia ceramic knives before purchasing, so as to choose the zirconia ceramic knives that suit you and meet your needs. As the saying goes, choosing what suits you can improve the happiness of yourself and your family.

The above is all kinds of information about zirconia ceramic knives shared with you.


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