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Do you know the street-stall and small-store economy?

Do you know the street-stall and small-store economy?


Based on a comprehensive analysis of the global economic situation, China's development this year will also face a complex and severe environment, with many predictable and unpredictable risks and challenges due to the epidemic.Some stores do not know when they will be able to open, So many people lost their jobs and became unemployed.This uncertain situation makes it difficult for these enterprises to usher in the spring.

In this case, there is a new type of economy in our country-----the street-stall and small-store economy.

The street-stall and small-store economy is an important source of employment and human culinary culture — it’s part of China's livelihood just as much as larger, high-end businesses, Premier Li Keqiang said.

The vendors had been banned to keep the cities clean before, and their return is expected to help increase people's incomes and revive local economies hit hard by the novel coronavirus outbreak.Allow the city to spread the economic existence, in fact, for low-income people survive through their own efforts to change the state of opportunity. The reappearance of the stall economy makes people's life more grounded, and the whole nation is eager for the stall as a new form of entrepreneurship.

In addition to catering and food, many wholesalers, represented by the small commodity city, will choose and sell daily necessities, creative toys, ornaments and other small items.However, if we want to say what kind of stall we have, it is definitely a variety of snack stalls with the largest number of people. Baked gluten, spicy hot, pancake fruit, stinky tofu.And all kinds of special snacks, which fully proves that people take food as their priority, and that snack categories will usher in new development opportunities under the new policy dividend.


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