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Characteristics of tool coating

Characteristics of tool coating


For cutting tools (wire tapping, bit, milling cutter, blade, etc.), all kinds of cutting tools for proper benefits of surface treatment can improve the life of the tool, reduce processing time, improve the quality of the machined place, meet our harsh aesthetic vision.Proper selection of tool coating has been a confusing and laborious task. Every coating has its advantages in cutting, but it also has its disadvantages. When you choose an inappropriate coating, the tool life is lower than the uncoated tool, and even more problems than before, it will be a thankless task.


Hardness coating is one of the best ways to improve tool life. The higher the hardness of the material or surface, the longer the service life of the tool. nitrogen titanium carbide (ticn) coating has higher hardness than titanium nitride (tin) coating. As a result of increased carbon content, the hardness of the ticn coating increased by 33% .

2.Abrasive Resistance

Refers to the ability of the coating surface to resist wear. The hardness of some workpiece materials may not be too high, but the material added in the cutting engineering or the process used may cause the cutting edge to break or blunt.

3.Surface lubricity

Friction, high-speed cutting will produce cutting heat, so that the coating life shortened, failure. Fine and smooth, uniform coating surface is conducive to reduce cutting heat, smooth, uniform coating makes chip quickly out of the kitchen knife surface to reduce heat generation. Compared with uncoated tool, coated tool with good lubricity can also be machined at higher cutting speed, which can avoid high temperature welding with workpiece material.

4.Oxidation Temperature

Oxidation temperature is the temperature value when the coating begins to decompose. the higher the oxidation temperature value, the more favorable for cutting under high temperature conditions. 

5.Bond Resistance 

The adhesive resistance of the coating can prevent, reduce the chemical reaction between the tool and the machining material, and avoid the coating with good adhesive resistance to the workpiece chip residue on the tool even if the coolant is poor or the concentration is insufficient. 

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