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Have you ever heard of blackening?

Have you ever heard of blackening?


Blackening is a common means of chemical surface treatment. The principle is to produce a layer of oxide film on the metal surface to isolate the air and achieve the purpose of rust prevention.


There are two common methods of blackening, one is alkaline heating and the other is room temperature blackening. However, the effect of blackening at room temperature on low carbon steel is not good. Alkaline blackening is subdivided, and there is the difference between one blackening and two blackening.


A layer of beautiful, dense and rust proof black iron oxide film is formed on the surface after a certain period of time. It is widely used in clock, pointer, hairspring, screw, instrument shell and some mechanical parts.


In mechanical manufacturing, NaOH solution is often used to heat the workpiece to blacken. The thickness of the black oxide film formed by blackening is 0.5-1.5 μ m, and its corrosion resistance is lower than that of other chemical films. In the hardware mold, the commonly used treatment is heat treatment.


This kind of technology is used in Ruitai Company new design color ODM 5 pieces stainless steel black kitchen knife set,the use of this blackening process can make the tool more resistant to corrosion and prevent rusting.So that you can use the tool at ease, do not fear when the tool will rust and affect the use.

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