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by:Ruitai      2020-03-09
The knife is a very complex topic. From basic theory to practice the theory of knowledge to master. And then there is a lot of knife field experience. As to what kind of stone, does not have a clearly defined standards, need personal style and habits to cooperate. Grindstone from 80 mesh to 10000 mesh, theoretically can sharpen 800 purpose whetstone can grind to shaving, also sharpen dao friend calls. MAO had broken hair need strong grinding ability, not general practice can achieve, this can be seen as efforts to target. If I buy fixed-angle sharpener, will have a corresponding specification of a grindstone for you to choose from, 180 mesh to 10000 mesh. Fixed-angle sharpener grinding fast, but is not good for practicing knife, knife grinding out is not easy to make mistakes, but it is not easy to grind out a spiritual dao. In general, 50 * 200 * 25 specifications grindstone grinding is better, fixed-angle sharpener grindstone is too small, not suitable for manual grinding. Grindstone have several kinds, common hardware store 80 mesh - green carbon sharpening stone 1000 mesh. Boron carbide common has 400, 800, 1500, three. Water slurry stone generally no mesh mark, but according to personal experience I think bluestone around 800 mesh, Yellowstone in 1500 - Between 2000 mesh. Gem oil stone, black stone oilstone around 1500 mesh, 2000 - ruby sharpening stone 4000-3000 mesh, turquoise sharpening stone Of about 5000 mu, green agate sharpening stone and white oil stone general is 6000 - 10000 mesh. Hardware store stone general in 6 pieces - a price Between 10, not easy to maintain, non-absorbent and knife is hard to clean, grinding the feel is very poor, in addition to the edge, the grindstone does not recommend the use of green carbon sharpening stone. Boron carbide is more suitable for grinding stone, 400 mesh chunk of boron carbide generally at about $60, 1500 mesh in about 100 yuan or so. I also more commonly used stone. Water slurry stone cheap, ranging from a few dollars to tens of dollars, but grinding feel good, strongly recommend, but need to immerse the grindstone grinding time, absorb enough water. And the water slurry the biggest drawback is easy to wear and tear, need often to recover. And if online water slurry stone, may have cut in stone or transit knock against wear and lead to broken stone. Although does not affect the use, but can affect the feeling when your knife. Dark ruby gem oil stone blocks of start until white gem oil stone, general price between 220 yuan to 350 yuan a piece. Generally speaking, if the pursuit of better grinding effect, buy black gem oil stone, ruby, emerald sharpening stone is enough, and in higher no meaning. If I buy a each at about 12 mm, because the thickness is half big stone, and can save some money. Generally 50 * 200 * 12 mm gem oil stone, the price is in 150 - 180. And imported Japanese terrazzo, the price is more expensive, grinding effect is good, with only one piece, but the price is too expensive, aims to more than 900 8000 yuan, 1000 purpose also wants 200 yuan, need to be careful before starting. As long as enough, what whetstone can to shaving, grinding is the key technique, with the help of a foreign object is not a king, not grinding, give you again good grindstone grinding out a sharp knife.
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