Afraid of a kitchen knife to cut off the finger? Choose kitchen knives - try this Yangjiang Yangdong Ruitai Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

by:Ruitai      2020-03-12
Good food should have a good knife, cut out the food is good. A lot of friends are feel see beautiful, have the appetite of dinner. A kitchen knife cutting bad food, kitchen knife is sharp and will cut finger, afraid of a kitchen knife to cut off the finger? Try this kitchen knives. A, cutting tool material for kitchen knives are the basic requirements of the high hardness is the primary condition, cutting tool to remove material from the wages are so the cutting tool material should be better than the hardness of workpiece material. The second is the characteristics of high strength and high toughness of a tool, cutting tool materials in cutting when there is a lot of cutting force and the impact, so the cutting tool must have high strength and toughness. Important is the cutting tool material should have abrasion resistance and heat resistance, because the cutting tool when use is for other things, must have the characteristics of more wear resistance than other things, heat resistance is the deformation of the factors are well reflected. Second, look at measuring the sharpness is the sharpness of cutting tool is a tool use is the main factor for a long time, sharpness is by the degree of sharp edge and sharp persistence. General steel knives sharpness can be divided into thick and smooth, coarse, refers to using grinding wheel after opening under a microscope to see small dentate; Smooth the blade using natural stone powder grinding openings, refers to a special edge smooth, although the two sharp forms of different, can't determine which one is better, the degree of sharp edge is depends on the blade geometry Angle to determine, the geometry of the blade Angle determines the cutting tools are the important factors of whether the sharp. Analytical in addition to the above three, ceramic knife steel quality of a material of cutting tool, and ceramic cutting tools, ceramic cutting tool is the use of precision ceramic high pressure research, using high-tech nano technology manufacturing and become, is wear-resisting, without pores, does not have dirt, also will not rust and many other advantages, he has a lot of steel quality of a material of cutting tool can't compare with, so now in Europe and the United States has put a ceramic cutting tool used on the operation, visible how such material used in cutting tools. Failing but ceramic materials such as chop chop process food, because the hardness of the ceramic is not very high, so choose outside of ceramic cutting tools to deal with a hard food. Four, to maintain a good knife is proper for when a person is a good knife need careful to maintain it, so you can use it for a long time, should cherish the use of a good thing. When using a machete to cut bone, must come from the same direction, don't be swung, this will make the blade wear, clean with clear water after use need, still need to use a clean towel to wipe, make it in a clean environment to obtain the very good maintenance. Cutting tools should be placed in ventilated breathe freely, still need to be careful not to where there are acid and corrosion. Above is the small make up to the kitchen tools selection skills. What kind of cutting tools is better, for we have some understanding. Whether we buy what kind of cutting tool, want to tool use time longer, we must not use the knife chop bone, because chop bone, will make a breach of the cutting tool, so even if your tools are just bought, also bad soon.
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