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by:Ruitai      2020-03-15
Kitchen knives is indispensable things in the kitchen, of course, when cutting tool in cutting or it's time to cut the meat shield is bad to use. Since there are so many knowledge in the cutting tool, pick up is more difficult. Small make up then to teach the kitchen knives to you choose tips, novice can hold. A, good cutting tool steel kitchen knife steel ringing on the ear, sound lasting good, bad and vice steel made tools knocked up dead sound like a brick, on the ring, the use of this steel cutting tool materials are generally poor. Listen to claim knife in ancient times had been some resolution. Second, hardness hardness is a hallmark of many manufacturers will propaganda. Generally the hardness of Japanese dao, Germany knife slightly lower hardness, the hardness of Chinese style knife in the 50 or so commonly. Measure the stand or fall of a knife, but definitely not the hardness of knife, the higher the better, but how you use. If household to the hardness requirement of cutting tool, there is a need to consider this factor is higher. Three, wear-resisting concerns the key of tool use. The wear resistance, can use the longer remain sharp knife. But at the time of knife, the wear resistance of the knife and the more difficult it is to be ground, the wear-resisting knife is often the most easy to be ground scrap. Four, sharpness this is often the most intuitive measure buyer stand or fall of a knife. When cutting the same thing with the smaller force, you feel it, the more sharp. Sharpness is also our consumers often consider the factors. 5, use comfortable handle design humanization, they get comfortable. The main material with wooden handle, engineering plastics, steel shank etc. , have their own advantages. Generally do better stamping forming a kitchen knife grip with more refined; Traditional forging process of cutting tool with wooden handle. This can choose according to his be fond of. The above is ruitai hardware kitchen tool tips for choosing. The right kitchen knives, cutting will have comfortable many, chopping vegetables nature is smooth. You always find it hard to cut food? You may just have kitchen knives, between you and the kitchen qiao hutch niang may only a handful of kitchen knives.
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