The difference between the coated tools and not coated tools -Yangjiang Yangdong Ruitai Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

by:Ruitai      2020-03-09
Coated tools are in good strength and toughness carbide or high speed steel ( Ceramics, diamond and cubic boron nitride superhard materials such as razor blades can also) On the surface, using the method of vapor deposition coating a layer of wear-resistant refractory metal or nonmetal compound and preparation. Coating as a chemical barrier of the cutting tool and thermal barrier, can reduce the diffusion and chemical reaction between the cutter and workpiece, thereby reducing the matrix of the wear and tear, so as to improve the service life of cutting tools. Coated tools has high surface hardness and wear resistance, stable chemical properties, good heat resistance to oxidation, low friction coefficient and low thermal conductivity, can reduce the adhesion phenomenon, is not easy to generate the devolop tumor etc, when cutting coated tools is higher than uncoated cutting tool life and cutting speed is more smooth, more can reduce the loss of the cutting tool. Coated tools will be divided into four kinds: high speed steel tools, coated carbide cutting tools, as well as in ceramics and superhard materials ( Diamond or cubic boron nitride) The blade on the coated tools. But before two kinds of coated tools use the most. In ceramics and super hard material coatings on the blade is hardness was lower than those of matrix materials, the purpose is to improve the fracture toughness of the blade surface ( Can increase more than 10%) , can reduce the blade's edge and damaged, expand the range of application.
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