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What is the technological process of

What is the technological process of



What is titanium plating?

Titanium plating is to make titanium metal adhere to other surfaces by chemical methods, and the titanium coating formed has excellent corrosion resistance, which can be used to protect the plated objects and improve the surface wear resistance.


Titanium plating is generally used to improve the surface wear resistance of objects. For example, the taps and drills used in high-speed machining centers can be titanium plated to improve the wear resistance of cutting tools. The surface treatment of piston rings also has titanium plating, which is also used to improve the wear resistance. In addition, there is decorative titanium plating, for example, we can buy gold rings for a few dollars on the street, generally, they are treated with titanium plating. They are mainly golden in color, good-looking, and prevent the surface of objects from oxidation, corrosion, etc.


What are the commonly used processes for titanium plating?


The most common is vacuum coating and spraying process, etc.


Vacuum coating includes: magnetron sputtering, arc ion plating, etc. if nitrogen is introduced into the coating process, titanium nitride can be formed, and the coating color is golden yellow, otherwise white. The coating is thin, generally about 15 microns, and the bright coating does not need subsequent processing.


The spraying method includes cold spraying, the coating is very thick and can reach millimeter level, and the surface roughness needs subsequent processing.


The difference between titanium carbide and titanium nitride coating


The difference between titanium carbide and titanium nitride coating: different color, different hardness of titanium carbide (black) titanium nitride (gold), higher hardness of titanium carbide than titanium nitride, but the high-temperature oxidation resistance of titanium carbide is not as good as titanium nitride, so titanium carbide film is derived. In recent years, titanium aluminum nitride and chromium nitride film are more popular. In the process, titanium carbide is more difficult than titanium nitride, and the control range is narrower. The above two plating processes have been very mature, including decorative plating and tool plating. Generally, the decorative plating is very thin, not more than 1 μ m, and the tool plating is required to be 3-5 μ m thick.


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