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by:Ruitai      2020-03-23
The traditional Chinese style slicing knife, is one of the most common in the family kitchen. Cut, pat, chop is set. Grandma and grandpa parents that a generation of people, basic every dish is a kitchen knife. With the improvement of living standards, modern people pursuit of the kitchen knife is becoming more and more exquisite. To use a kitchen knife, usually are heavier. For women, a bit of a test of physical strength. Design is most is square. For women require levels in appearance but also practical, is not satisfied with. Neff according to the Chinese kitchen knife is combined with the advantages of Japanese kitchen knife, designed for women with a traditional chopper's founder, also is a blend of the Japanese kitchen knife light and smooth new kitchen knife - Ease see Ms. Slicing knife. Blade design became oblique mouth shape. This kind of design, reduce some of the weight of the knife, but does not light, no touch. Bevel inclined Angle, and precision measurement. Purpose is to let the knife's center of gravity back, make the cutting things agile at the same time, also can keep balance. Blade section also forced increase point design, reduces the ingredients well for blade viscous, anti-sticking effect is the handle to use colour wood Mosaic rivets, increasing the difficulty of technology, also makes the beautiful degree is greatly improved. Handle a gold copper connection, health and firm, increased the delicacy. This lady's slicing knife use effortless, can cut each ingredients no problem for post. Three meals a day, both cut vegetables meat can do it. Feel is very good, blade weight not overweight, nor light didn't feel. Drag cutting conform to the habits of the east, especially the girls to use, flexible operation, saved a lot of energy, let you chopping vegetables can keep elegant gesture. For cooking, as long as with the right tools, can also is a kind of enjoyment.
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