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by:Ruitai      2020-03-20
People judge a sword is good knife, always like to ask, does this knife sharp? I think there is a misunderstanding of the concept, can be worn as long as it's not too bad knife is very sharp, the so-called good dao is its sharpness can maintain lasting, stability, stability is the core value of the sword. Many people are there is some kitchen knives on the pitfalls of choose and buy, ruitai hardware think the point is you need to know. 1, the sharp is not the key, the value of good properties is the core value of the knife knife is that you can use a long time to need to do one more time. Another home with a very sharp knife grinding is not recommended, after all, is not a professional, knife hand is often the things ( Probably Fan Fanjun is the only one to let the family bought a new knife grinding blunt! ! ! ! ) 。 A general sharp knife may only make a small cut, extremely sharp knife suture needle therapy may be required. For the sake of oneself and family's hand kitchen knife is not sharp, cutting things smoothly. All kitchen knife nor too blunt, blunt knife each with strength is big, is easy to hurt it, so the sword will always do. One of the most dangerous is a man who used to blunt knife suddenly changed a sharp sword. 2, said price only with practical point of view, their own home with the kitchen knife don't have to buy expensive, thousands of pieces of a good knife just can let you four or five times a young grinding knife, knife is sharp all the year round is your knife skills and hard-working. If you flush with cash, so buy a brand of kitchen knife is good, the kitchen more beautiful. If you don't pursue the overall effect of the kitchen knife, you can buy a single pole. Appearances for the highest frequency of slicing knife, can buy a pair of a little bit better, 100 to 200 yuan can meet the daily needs, between 200 and 300 yuan of slicing knife is very good. Cut osteotome this performance do not strict requirements and low appearance frequency knife, can buy a pair of cheap, fruit knife can be 30 - Fifty dollars for a beautiful ceramic knife, can be used for many years. Multi-purpose knife, the knife that can find a beautiful appearance, it 300 pieces of budget can purchase all required, the sword of collocation of this kind of high low-grade configuration on the experience with a good set of knives. 3, material material is the most important factors affect retention of blade, tend to be your good dao. Stainless steel knife is now the mainstream of household kitchen knife. On the market a lot of stainless steel kitchen knife mark for 304 stainless steel, the steel grade is 3 cr13mov, namely have 0. 13% 3% of the carbon, chromium, and added molybdenum and vanadium refining grain, Cr before the number represents the amount of carbon in steel, carbon knife harder, the more the price is relatively higher, the kitchen knife steel on 3 cr13 is the lowest. Since there is no add molybdenum and vanadium, so keep sex than 3 cr13mov. 400 stainless steel is carbon 0. Of 4%, the so-called 5 chrome steel is 5 cr13mov, namely carbon 0. About 5%, the hardness of 58, 7 chromium kitchen knife are relatively rare. Generally 5 chromium will do the trick, carbon content is too high blade is easy to collapse. With the comparison of frequent family, like 3 cr13mov a month or two months once is enough. For some shoddy stainless steel knife, when the choose and buy can tap blade listen to sound, sound is ringing, high tones of steel is good, the higher the hardness of the darker. Percussion weak light cheap knife don't buy such as tin, same price can buy a carbon steel knife. Handle roughly divided into 4 and handle to wear heart, keel handle, handle all metal handle and handle several embedded, requirement for the handle is strong and durable, good handling, prevent slippery, comfortable grip. Metal handle fashion, composite materials handle is comfortable and beautiful, if labeled as two pieces of African ebony wood handle is like a work of art. 5, choose domestic kitchen knife brand, Japan, Germany, the three brands are playing the highest rate of kitchen knife. Some giant home-made knife quality is good, enough for average household daily needs. 200 yuan of the following section single-pole suggest choose domestic brands, 60 yuan budget is recommended to buy domestic carbon steel knife. Neff cutting tool is a good choice. Above is the summary about everyone there may be some kitchen knives. Don't be to define the stand or fall of kitchen knives, sharp and don't just watch brand blindly choose the cutting tool, buy kitchen knives, one of the most important is practical and cost-effective.
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