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by:Ruitai      2020-03-06
As we all know, China is a large country. Because of unique advantages, so different area has its own features, such as jingdezhen in jiangxi province is rich in China. Kitchen knives is an indispensable part of our life, do not cook a meal, the existence of the cutting tool is very be necessary. Yangjiang kitchen knives? China's domestic kitchen production mainly include dazu county of chongqing dragon water yangjiang, guangdong, zhejiang yongkang, shandong linyi these four big place, below I introduce their characteristics respectively, to understand the should have judgment in your heart. 1, dazu county of chongqing water dragon: the dragon hardware is pretty famous in domestic water, actual hardware knife here is characteristic, mainly by the traditional process of sword here ( The forging process) Is given priority to, there are a lot of knife is passed down generation, such as 'deng's dao' development is the five dynasties inheritance, today's water dragon sword has developed from the original pure manual to now manually with a combination of mechanization, realize the modern stainless steel and the traditional process, the combination of traditional knife to use, also show the modern tool parts of advantages, form the features of the dazu county of chongqing knife, but as a result of the industrial chain, the side of the tool or aesthetic than guangdong yangjiang, belongs to the practical kitchen knife. 2, zhejiang yongkang: over here is also the domestic kitchen knife in early production a lot of room, but with the development of side of the kitchen knife is gradually reduced, the development is not much better. 3, shandong linyi, shandong is now a big place of production, kitchen knife knife mainly cheap, on this side of the side a lot of in the production of kitchen knife knife factory, is developed from the traditional knife shop, but this price consciousness is very poor, so everyone just bargain and led to a part of the knife use inferior materials production, form a vicious circle, so here market knife either good or bad, are cheap, do temporarily haven't been found more well-known brands, it is possible that they are not low profit promotion brand the cost, it is possible that the parts do fake the place of the industry have been affected. 4, yangjiang, guangdong: here is also a place cutting tool industry development very early, because here is located in the coastal, development speed, state the reason of opening to the outside world, here a lot of cutting tool enterprises to introduce foreign advanced equipment, first made it up international trade, the cutting tool edge tool here high degree of mechanization, high yield, appearance and advantages, in the domestic occupied very big market, but because of too high mechanization degree, and many high-tech machines are introduced abroad, side cutter, relatively poor in the aspect of traditional side cutter withdrawal performance is biggest, cold rolling machine, and the knife blade thickness problem, lead to a knife but it is difficult to grind after using a blunt, heavy is that many say stainless steel knife with a blunt after grinding is not sharp, it is for this reason. The introduction of more than just a few main kitchen knife producer. In coastal, yangjiang kitchen knives is also good, pay attention to maintenance when using this tool, so dull from difficult mill will be much better.
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