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by:Ruitai      2020-03-07
Believe that a lot of friends all bought a kitchen knife or seen the kitchen knife, but for the production of kitchen knife steel will be confused, this material is good? What material is this? Is stainless steel? Or iron? Don't worry, small make up for you first introduce 3 cr13 steel, follow-up and more dry goods in. 3 cr13 stainless steel, steel standard: GB/T1220 - 1992, belong to martensitic type stainless steel, the steel mechanical processing performance is good, the heat treatment ( Quenching tempering) , it has excellent corrosion resistance and polishing performance of high strength and wear resistance, suitable for manufacturing under high load, high wear resistance and corrosion medium under the action of plastic mold. After tempering treatment hardness under HRC30 3 cr13 material workability is good, easy to achieve better surface quality. And hardness than the HRC30 the parts processing, although surface quality is good, but the tool is easy to wear. So, after the materials into the factory, first conditioning treatment on the hardness of HRC25 ~ 30, then to machining. Than 2 cr13 after quenching hardness, cutting tool, nozzle, valve seat, valve, etc. 3 cr13 density of 7. 75 g/cm3 corresponding to the brand: 420 b corresponds to the British brand: 420 s45 corresponding to the French brand: Z30C13Ps: martensitic stainless steel, high strength but poor plasticity and weldability. The commonly used brand have 1 cr13 martensitic stainless steel, 3 cr13, etc. , because of the high carbon, it has high strength, hardness and wear resistance, corrosion resistance is a bit poor, however, higher requirements for mechanical properties, corrosion resistant performance requirements generally over some of the parts, such as spring, turbine blades, hydraulic valves, etc. This kind of steel is used after quenching and tempering treatment. Need annealing after forging, stamping.
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