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by:Ruitai      2020-03-08
People used to make hot pot may not used to eat western food. In social networking, we are always hard to avoid encounter need to eat western food, and the western etiquette u, knife and fork usage is a lot of Chinese people don't know. Although she doesn't like TV play cut the steak to fly out so exaggerated, but in order to make their own meals more enjoyable, statecraft more considerate, know about the western food knife usage is necessary. What is the correct way of using the western knife and fork? Western food generally have knives and forks are available, and they more than one vice, tend to be two three pairs. Is usually a knife in your right hand and fork in your left hand. Western food knife and fork is how to take? Eat a dish, then need to change a knife and fork. Eat salad, seafood, main course, each with a vice. Three pairs of knife and fork. How do you take? That, in accordance with the order, from outside to inside. Take a pair of the most outside the first, the outside that is generally eat salad; And then take that, among the middle vice is generally eat seafood; Finally get the most that a pair of inside, the inside is to eat the main course, eat steak. The use of western food knife and fork, great in its exquisite. No matter where you take knife and fork, should be generally left fork right knife. English how to eat. English how to eat is how to operate? It goes like this: with the right hand knife and fork in the left hand. This is a steak, for example, it requires from the left side of the open cut. Cut off a piece of, immediately to eat. American way is to cut it from the left to the right first, after the cut, the knife of his right hand came down, and then put the fork to the right hand left hand, right hand is holding a fork to eat. Mainly eat not knife, only with the right hand holding a fork. Visible differences between American English a lot. Western food knife and fork is not refer to the people. When using western food knife and fork chopping vegetables is very exquisite. General habit is what? Right and left elbow this place should be just the clip on both sides of the waist, so that control your cutting action. You are going to talk to the man beside him during the meal, can't take a knife and fork with others. At this time there is a pay attention to, if you want to talk with other people, a knife and fork to put it down. How to put? Please note that can put a knife and fork on the plate into eight Chinese characters. The blade itself, not outward; The fork is up, bow down. What do you mean this form? Is to tell the waiter and others: I didn't eat this food. You don't mess with, don't put them side by side. Put a knife and fork side by side, blade itself, the fork tooth up, says he will not eat, please close it out immediately. That is some introduction about western food knife and fork usage. Don't always feel there is no need to learn western food knife and fork, unless you can guarantee their lifetime don't eat western food, small make up useless talk much said, let's learn some, it has to use.
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