Stainless steel cutting tool geometry parameter? - Yangjiang Yangdong Ruitai Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

by:Ruitai      2020-03-22
Angle choice: from the aspects of the generation of cutting heat and heat dissipation, said before increasing Angle can reduce the generation of cutting heat, cutting temperature is not high, but because of the heat dissipation of the cutting tools rake Angle is too large volume decreases, and the cutting temperature increase. Reduce the rake Angle can improve the cooling condition of the cutting tools, cutting temperature may reduce, but before the Angle is too small, the cutting deformation, cutting heat is not easy. Practice shows that in the anterior horn go = 15 ° ~ 20 ° is most appropriate. Angle of choice: after rough machining, the strong cutting tool requires cutting blade intensity is high, you should take after small Angle; Finish machining, the tool wear occurs mainly on the cutting edge area and the knife, for the stainless steel is easy to appear strain hardening of material, followed by knife surface friction to a greater influence on the machining surface quality and tool wear, reasonable processing Angle should be: after austenitic stainless steel ( Below 185 hb) , followed by Angle option 6 ° ~ 8 °; Processing and martensitic stainless steel ( More than 250 hb) , then take 6 - Angle 8. Processing and martensitic stainless steel ( Below 250 hb) , followed by Angle should be 6 ° ~ 10 °. Blade Angle of choice: the size of the blade Angle and direction, determine the direction of the chip flow, reasonable choose ls blade Angle, usually take - It is advisable to 10 ° ~ 20 °. In trace essence car cylindrical, fine holes, plane level, of big inclination cutting tools should be adopted: should take ls45 ° ~ 75 °.
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