What tools are involved in a full set of kitchen knives? - Yangjiang Yangdong Ruitai Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

by:Ruitai      2020-03-20
Before the kitchen knives as long as there is a kitchen knife is enough, because life level is not high, can eat the most expensive food, may also be pork. But now the well-off life, we use to eat is not the same, kill chickens slaughtered ducks is often the case, a kitchen knife has far cannot satisfy the need, can choose a full set of kitchen knives, mostly what tool that contains a full set of kitchen knives? 1, slicing knife microtome section basically can only be used for food, such as vegetables or cooked food, easy to cut open, generally should not be cut without thaw frozen meat and so on. 2, cut cut treatment treatment is used to cut off some stubborn and hard foods, such as after all efforts to fierce, general is not easy to cut off the kitchen knife is easy to hurt even a kitchen knife, the knife is blunt or split. 3, cut cut cut and cutter knife can cut can cut, but there is no special section of the slice blade, and is not suitable for cutting big bone, generally used to chop meat was good a choice. 4 with the fruit knife, fruit knife, the kitchen is commonly used to peel vegetables and fruits and the epidermis, broadsword, after all, hard to avoid can feel a little not convenient to operate and much or knife to use. 5, other tool bread knife: for cutting hard skin soft food; Multi-purpose knife: especially suitable for cutting fish fillet, etc. , and have a variety of purposes; Tomato knife: for cutting tomato skin and juicy, thin soft fruit such as; Ham knife: for cutting meat such as ham; The kitchen scissors: processing cooked meat, seafood ingredients, long strips of vegetables, and so on. That is a full set of kitchen knives contains tools. For kitchen life required more meticulous, so for the cutting tool classification requirements will be meticulous, whether nine times or five sets, kitchen knives used to meet the needs of life.
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