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How to choose the right kitchen knife(2)-----FOR QUALITY OF KNIFE

How to choose the right kitchen knife(2)-----FOR QUALITY OF KNIFE


Now that you know all about the various kinds of knives available in the previous part , you may ask yourself how to choose the right kitchen knife or what factors to consider when selecting a knife. Take a look at the elements you need to consider when choosing the right knife or knives for your kitchen.

Some knives are molded into shape using extreme heat on steel. These are high-quality knives and cost more than stamped knives. This process creates a sturdier blade that has a low probability of bending even after extended . The other knives are made with a machine, and a punched out steel piece. The edge of the knife is sharpened after the blade is constructed, and these knives have the same level of thickness all over. These knives are not considered as good as forged knives, but there are some great stamped knives on the market.

A right kitchen knife is sharp and remains that way for a long time. A good indicator of a knife’s quality is how sharp it is, and how often the blade needs to be sharpened to keep it performing well. Then sharpness is not only about efficiency, but also an important factor to consider for safety during use. This is an important factor in how to choose the right knife for you.
This one is a bit counter-intuitive, but a dull knife poses a bigger safety risk than a sharpened one. You can, of course, cut yourself with a sharp knife, but this is more likely to happen when you’re trying to cut something with a dull knife as it’s unpredictable and requires more force to handle. Most chefs tend to lose control of the knife while struggling with a not so sharp edge.

Usually, kitchen knife handles are made of wood, toughened stainless steel and resins or plastic. Avoid, kitchen knives with handles made of softwoods or low-density materials.Usually, the best kitchen knife blade is made of ceramic since it can retain its sharpness even after it has been used for a long period of time. Also, ceramic material does not rust.However, the kitchen knives with blades made of ceramic are costly and the cheaper ones are prone to break easily.Another best material to choose is stainless steel. This material is strong and durable and can be sharpened with ease.

Weight is a huge factor in how comfortable the knife feels when you are using it.  There is no standard weight that you should look at, but the weight of the knife really depend on your preferences and comfort level.
Some folks like lightweight knives while others prefer heavier ones that provide a sense of control. If you’re not very experienced with knives, try out a few options in a store before deciding on what knife weight is ideal for you.

The above items are the quality factors that need to be considered when choose right knives. I hope that after reading this part, you will have a new understanding of the knives.
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