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by:Ruitai      2020-03-14
In many families, it is a kitchen knife across the kitchen, kitchen knife can be used to cut food, can also be used to cut the meat, can also be used to peel fruit, kill chickens slaughtered ducks and so on. Actually it's not hard to find, this knife is also very easy to bad. In fact, different USES of kitchen knives should be separated, such as knife and cut the meat knife is a big difference, let's take a look at what is the difference between knife knife and cut the meat. A kitchen knife blade, blade is used for cutting food, blade section is a triangle, and the blade is very sharp, namely triangle vertex Angle theta is very small, when we use a kitchen knife cutting food, for the blade force F F, first of all, the force effect on food, the food produce very big pressure, so as to cut the food. Second, different kitchen knife blade, blade shape is very different, common a kitchen knife, is a rectangular blade, thickness is 1 mm or so commonly, chop the meat meat knife ( Meat ax) , a circular blade, and very thick, as shown, fruit knife, whole is smaller, blade is long and narrow, quality of a material is lighter. The blade shape is determined by their purposes, for the meat knife, to cut the meat because it is over, at the same time, also stamping meat bones, so I need quality large knife, when kitchen knife to cut the meat or at a certain speed 'stamp' meat bones, the quality of the chopper will generate large force of the food, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting food, for the fruit knife, cut fruit, relatively fragile, so when cutting, don't need a lot of force, so the quality of a material is lighter fruit knife, inertia small, easy to operate. Three bones if 'stamping with a knife, a knife, when bone knife the front end of the contact, hand feel knife downward, upward, conversely, there's a position that stamping on the knife to the object, the feel is very relaxed, this is because the circuition every object has a' hit the center, when the force of the action line through 'strike center', 'hit' force of rotary axis is zero, the butcher often used to stomp meat meat ax blade is round, this is for the 'stamp' meat bones, no matter which one part of the force in contact with the meat bones, can guarantee the meat bones of cutter forces basically through the axis of rotation of the handle; Hit the center ', so you can reduce the stamping meat knife the opponent. To sum up, different USES of the cutting tool characteristics are different, to kitchen knives use time long, or kitchen knives to cut food, buy several different types of cutting tools, classification using, it is very necessary. That is about to introduce the difference between the knife and cut the meat knife. Hope neff small make up the introduction of the tool can help to you.
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