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by:Ruitai      2020-03-08
Cheese cheese knife knife use guide is a special tool for cutting the cheese. Different cheese need different tools, mainly depends on the hardness. The most common 'cheese knife' is designed for soft cheese knife. This type of cheese knife shows you cheese knife can choose different types of cheese. Of course, you can use the common tool, but it is very important to have the right tool. 1. Soft cheese knife soft cheese, such as double cream, internal soft, easy to stick on his sword. In order to make the cutting more clean, and maintain the delicate internal shape, you can use a very thin straight blade knife or perforated cheese knife. If you don't have any cheese knife, a sharp knife soak in hot water to wipe can also. 2. Biopsy with cheese knife cheese plane or machine is used for scraping semi-hard or hard cheese slices. 3. Used to cut the hard and strong cheese cheese knife or cheese shovel is very suitable for cut hard or hard cheese into wedges or block. 4. Cheese cheese fork fork can be used to cut the cheese when fixed a piece of cheese in the right place - — It is also very suitable for the hard cheese or aged cheese cut into small pieces. 5. Using tips when you eat cheese, remember every cheese with separate cheese knives, and encourage guests don't mix tool, to avoid the mixed cheese flavor.
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