Indispensable kitchen knives, ceramic and stainless steel knife which is better to use? - Yangjiang Yangdong Ruitai Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

by:Ruitai      2020-03-17
Before our common kitchen knives is iron tools and stainless steel. In retrospect, they may not think about ceramic may also make knives, but after the ceramic knife on both abroad has entered our field of vision, in the life. Ago, people always compare the iron knives and stainless steel knife, now it is comparing stainless steel cutting tool with ceramic tool, ceramic and stainless steel knife which is better to use? First of all, tell from the material, stainless steel knife durable, not easy to rust, and can satisfy various demand that occupy the home. Can be used to cut vegetables, chopped meat, cut bone, etc. , the blade is sharp, home use more convenient, the design of handle also is very comfortable and has good prevent slippery effect, safety, energy saving when used. But the only lack of stainless steel is used to cut food, easy to make its nutrients, especially with juice more food, and after a long time, need a knife to restore the sharpness. Ceramic knife is made up for the shortcoming of the stainless steel knife, can very good preserved food nutrition, oxidation and not easy to happen. Generally use high-density ceramic materials, has good antibacterial effect, and its performance of the non-metallic, long time use is not easy to rust, its sharpness is higher compared with steel knife. But its still more brittle material, cannot be used to cut bone, can only be used to cut fruits and vegetables, it will not cut hard food. Through both advantages and disadvantages of contrast, has its merit, so I need to choose according to use. If single from daily home use, ceramic DaoHui better use some, because it can keep the loss of nutrients, and are more portable, sharpness is high also, can very good satisfy various demand that occupy the home. If often in the home is given priority to with meat, stainless steel knife is preferred, or to cut the meat cut bone more quickly, and to reduce the damage of the cutting tool.
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